How to Reference a Website when Blogging

Blogging today is hugely popular, whether a personal blog or business blog. Each day, on WordPress alone, there are over 2.5 million new blog posts. As part of most blog posts, especially a business blog, sources and references are added frequency. In this article we look at how to reference a website when blogging.

Most of us have referred to another website, author, business, blogger etc when writing a new blog. Yes we can link to their website, link to their Linkedin profile and mention them in the text. This may be acceptable in most blogs, but what if it’s something official. Perhaps a university publication or article. We need it done right. Here’s the correct method according to my own research into the topic.

  • Author / Organisation / Company
  • Year
  • The title of the website (in italics)
  • The exact URL
  • Date website was viewed by you

If you were referencing our website home page, as an example, it should look something like this:

Studio 36 Digital. 2020. Affordable SEO Agency. [online] Available at: Accessed 13/08/20.

I hope this article has been useful, please don’t hesitate to contact us with any blogging questions.