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Google Search Engine Optimisation

Looking for Google  Search Engine Optimisation for your business website? Studio 36 Digital offer professional search engine optimisation (SEO) services.

Ranking high on Google is essential today. Even though social media platforms are becoming increasing popular, the majority of searches are still conducted through search engines including Google.

Over 50% of Google searches result in one of the top 3 listings being clicked on.

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Our SEO Moneyback Guarantee

We’re proud to offer a Moneyback guarantee for our SEO Services.

At Studio 36 Digital, we are confident that we’ll get your website on Google page one. If we don’t, we’ll give you your money back!

See our SEO Guarantee page for full details and T&Cs.

What is Google Search Engine Optimisation?

SEO or search engine optimisation is the process of optimising a website to appear as high in the Google search results as possible. As a business, visibility is essential to gain new enquiries and business.

Google ranks websites with an extremely complex algorithm. This looks at many hundreds of factors when deciding where a website should rank on the search engine.

The algorithm is kept secret by Google. We do know that some of these factors include:

  • Page Relevance – Is the page relevant to what the user has searched for? Google will look for key words or phrases within the website.
  • Site Quality – The website must be designed and built correctly. It must display properly, be easy to navigate and find the information the user is looking for.
  • Page Speed – Now more than ever, Google wants fast page loading speeds. Again, for usability.
  • Mobile Friendly – With more and more people using their smart phone or tablet to access the internet, a website must have a responsive mobile version.
  • Secure Website – Websites must be secure. This is shown by the https:// prefix in the address bar.

The list above are just the core factors. Google looks at many hundreds more to determine a page rank. Their algorithm is updated almost daily.

How do I optimise my Website for Google?

Follow the points above. These key points must be right as a starting point.

Further to the page relevance, the text content on the website is key in how Google decides whether your website is relevant for the search.

Focus on good quality, we’ll written, informative content. Google’s goal is providing an exceptional user experience. If the user cannot find the information they want, quickly and easily, Google will favour a site that does this over yours.

Establish the key words or phrases that represent what a user will search for to find your business. It’s worth researching these thoroughly. See what your competitors are doing. Don’t use a phrase too broad, there will be a lot of competition for each search.

Once you know your keywords, dedicate a page for each one. Provide a good length of quality written content for each.

Why choose Studio 36 Digital?

We are a family run business, taking great pride in offering a personal service. We love to get to know our clients and their businesses. Next, we can really tailor our services to achieve what you want from your online digital marketing. 

We’ll put together a strategy to get the results you want. We are your local and national affordable SEO company. We think our pricing gives exceptional value and real results!

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