Business Advertising Blackpool

As a Blackpool based Digital Marketing agency, we have a vast knowledge of Business Advertising in Blackpool. We specialise in getting local businesses found online.

We wanted to share some business advertising tips with you, to help get your business noticed on Google, and other major search engines.

business advertising blackpool

Local Directories

Online business directories are a great way to list you local business in Blackpool and across the Fylde Coast. Directory listing companies such as have a high domain authority. Meaning, they rank highly in the results and carry massive credibility for your business. List your business on Yell as a starting point, including a link to your website and any business social media profiles. Make sure you complete your profile as fully as possible, including a description of your business products and services.

When you link from a local directory to your website, Google knows this. Depending on the credibility of the directory, these links can help in boosting your own website ranking on Google and other major search engines.

Dedicated local directories are also a great tool. MYBLACKPOOL.BIZ is a directory focused on providing listings for Blackpool, Fylde and Wyre based businesses only. A great place to find other local businesses and to share services. Again, remember to add link to your website.

Website SEO

Search Engine Optimisation is essential in making sure your business website is ranking high on Google. In 2020, Google wants its users to have the best browsing experience possible. Websites need to be easy to navigate and contain relevant and informative information.

Website SEO is often overlooked, but can be fantastic in bringing new customers to your website. A few things to consider when ensuring your website is optimised for Google are:

  • Quality links to your website (backlinks). As mentioned above, established business directories are a great way to do this.
  • Google My Business – This is a free business listing by Google. It displays local business profiles at the top of page one on a web search. Use this free tool, and optimise it as much as possible. Include your website link, social profile links, contact details and photos of your products or services.
  • Page Content – Make sure you have a good amount of quality text and images on your web pages. Include keywords or phrases that a user might search for on Google. For example, if I wanted to market website design in Blackpool, I would have a page on my website dedicated to that service, containing that key phrase.
  • Contact Information – Your contact info on your website needs to be complete and accurate, including your full address. This helps customers to find you, and Google to know where your business is.

These are the basics. To further increase your presence on Google, consider an SEO Specialist to help with your business advertising in Blackpool.

Social Media Advertising

Lets start with the free stuff! You can advertise your Blackpool business for free on many popular social media platforms including Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. Firstly, complete your profiles fully on each. Share your profiles with your friends and family.

Depending on the platform, there are also some great additional free features to make use of. Consider using Facebook Marketplace if you sell physical products. This feature is growing rapidly, showing both new and used items for sale in your local area.

Live video is also another hugely popular feature, creating massive engagement with your business if done right. Use Facebook Live and Instagram to broadcast live. Showcase your products and services. Make it personal, tell your customers who you are and what you do.

social media advertising

Paid Local Advertising

If you want to boost your advertising presence, consider paid advertising opportunities. Google paid ads are one of the longest running tools, and display your adverts at the top of Google pages, and other places across the internet. Google paid ads can be tricky to optimise and can prove expensive with little return, if not set up correctly. Research you keywords fully before activating your adverts.

Facebook ads are now extremely popular. They feature many tools to help target your ads to specific Facebook users. This can be sorted by interest, location, age and much more. Again, take time to research and optimise these adverts fully.


We’ve provided some of the main methods of business advertising in Blackpool, for your local business. All help to increase your reach online and drive new customers to your Blackpool based business.