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We work with many businesses in around Preston and across Lancashire. One of the common questions we get is how to create a successful business blog. Blogging in 2020 is as important as ever for both keeping your customers informed of your recent business activity, and improving your website traffic for SEO. In this article we look at your Blog Preston, and how to go about creating and marketing it.

Set up your Business Blog Preston

The most common way to create a blog for your business is on your business website. Most DIY website builders including Wix and Squarespace have the option to include a blog page or section.

A highly customisable option for your business website is WordPress. The platform was originally designed for blogging sites. Today it’s used to create websites of all types. Around 40% of all websites are powered by WordPress. A blog is a standard feature within WordPress and is simple to set-up and create posts if you are familiar with the platform. To assistance with setting up a blog, feel free to contact us.

Creating Blog Posts

When creating your blog posts, take some time to find a key phrase to target your article around. Research what people search for on Google to ensure it’s a popular topic and will drive traffic to your website. There’s some great tools out there to gain insights into search queries and search volumes.

Take a look at:

Once you’ve established your key phrase to base your blog article around, create your post!

Try to use your key phrase a handful of times throughout your article, but don’t go overboard. Make it sound natural within the text of your post.

Try to use at least 300 words in your blog post. Generally, the longer – the better, but keep it well written and relevant. Don’t right thousands of words if it’s not directly relevant or it’s repetitive. Use pictures, making sure each picture’s alt text is set, and relevant to your key phrase and / or your website topic. A picture’s alt text is what Google uses to know what is picture is showing. It’s looked at, along with many other factors when crawling a web page.

Your page title, slug (/blog-post-title) and meta data should be set for each new blog post. This is usually separate from where your post is written and tells Google what your post is about.

For help with the above blog optimisation techniques, get in touch.

Market your New Blog Post

You’ve created your first blog post. That’s great! Now, we need people to see it.

Make sure your blog is directly accessible from your website homepage. A link in your menu and a ‘recent posts’ section works well.


Share your blog posts, ask people you know or social media page followers to share your Post.

You can share on social media platforms, share to your email subscribers, recreate on other blogging sites including Tumblr (don’t use the same content). Also, try submitting your blog feed to these sites for further reach:


We’ve provided a guide to get you started with Business Blog Preston. We hope you’ve found it useful. If you have any questions, please get in touch with us.

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