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Unleash your website’s full potential with Low Cost SEO from Studio 36 Digital. We believe SEO Services should be affordable. With this in mind, we’ve developed great value, Affordable SEO to boost your business presence in search engines. We are your national, affordable digital marketing agency, offering our low cost SEO Services across the UK.


Welcome to Studio 36 Digital. We are an established and highly rated & affordable SEO agency, based in Blackpool, also covering Preston, Lancashire and the UK. We have been serving clients with our affordable SEO services since 2014. Search engine optimisation is constantly evolving, as search engines become more and more complex with their ranking algorithms. At Studio 36 Digital, we invest heavily in keeping up to date with current SEO trends and search engine updates. Our agency is built around great value services, specialising in helping small and start-up businesses to grow their business online.

We Know SEO. Expert SEO Services, REAL Results.

Studio 36 Digital are experienced SEO Specialists

We offer low cost SEO Services to boost your online presence and search engine rankings including Google, Yahoo & Bing. Our years of experience ensures you get real results and an indisputable return on investment.

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Affordable Website SEO Services, tailored to your business

Each industry and business is different, so keywords and competitor websites are always different. With this in mind, we develop a unique SEO strategy to suit your business goals online. Whether you are looking at local or national approach, our proven techniques help us get your website ranking highly in organic Google searches.

Included in our SEO Packages

Our comprehensive low cost SEO services are tailored to your business. See what features we include in our monthly packages below:

seo keyword analysis

Keyword Analysis

We research your keywords, looking at monthly traffic and competition to establish the best ones to target. It’s often an idea when starting out to find a middle ground, using keywords with reasonable traffic, yet not too much competition. 

link building for seo

Link Building

Our in-house experts build links back to your website from reputable and relevant websites and directories. Also known as backlinks. These show search engines that your website content is useful, authoritative and worth linking to.

content optimisation for seo

Content Optimisation

We optimise and create quality content on your website, based around your target keywords. Our team then look for errors including a lack of organic content, overuse of keywords and incorrectly used text headings. 

blog optimisation for seo

Blog Optimisation

We review and optimise your blog posts, while working with you at apply best blog writing practices for future posts. Blogs today are an extremely important part of a website. As a result of correct optimisation, posts often rank individually, which is great for bringing in more traffic to your website. 

competitor analysis

Competitor Analysis

Our team analyse your main competitor websites, looking at keywords and rankings compared to your website. This helps establish an overall SEO strategy, including use of keywords and phrases for each page on your website. 

technical seo optimisation

Technical Optimisation

We look at the technical side of your website, looking for, and fixing errors that may affect your ranking. Common errors include broken links, missing pages, missing titles or meta descriptions and slow page loading speeds. 

See our SEO Packages

Increase Traffic, AND Conversions

Increasing your website traffic is generally a good thing. But it needs to be the right traffic. Through keyword research, we find the best keywords to attract customers who are actively looking for your product or service. Having the right audience on your website is key to increasing conversions. 

increase organic website traffic

Local or National, We’ve got you covered

Whether you’re a small local business in need of Local SEO, or a larger or online business looking for National SEO, we’ve got the solution for you. We tailor our cheap SEO services to suit your business situation and goals. 

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Guaranteed Results

We believe in great value digital marketing services with Real Results. That’s why we offer an SEO Guarantee. Read more about our Guaranteed SEO.

guaranteed seo

Detailed SEO Reports

We believe in delivering complete honesty and transparency with our affordable SEO services. Our customers trust us to deliver real, proven results. That’s why we provide comprehensive monthly reports, showing exactly how your chosen keywords are progressing on the search engines.

Our Clients

Take a look at some of our clients who have used our SEO Services to boost their website rankings in organic search. 

So, What does Google want from a Website?

The question every webmaster wants the answer to! Google don’t let us into the secrets of their ranking algorithms, and rightly so. It wouldn’t work too well if everyone knew every single ranking factor.. of which there are hundreds!

What Google do offer, is a comprehensive set of Webmaster Guidelines. Without giving away and ranking secrets, they offer guidelines which, if followed, help enormously in ranking your website higher in search. Our SEO services comply with the guidelines. We ONLY use Google approved techniques, with no shortcuts!

What Google have been doing over recent years is using E-A-T to develop their algorithms around and get the most deserving and relevant websites at the top of search results. What is E-A-T? Expertise – Authoritativeness – Trustworthiness. These core pillars of organic search help to establish which sites are going to be the most helpful to the user. Google wants users to find the information they want quickly, with an exceptional user experience.

And that’s where we come in as your Affordable SEO Agency!


How we Rank a Website Higher on Google

First of all, you might ask, Why Google?

Google has an approximate search engine market share of 90%. This varies slightly year by year, but is consistant on average, with Bing second with less than a 10% market share. Therefore it makes sense to focus our efforts on Google ranking.

We don’t ignore Bing and other search engines. Our optimisation helps in ranking on other search engines too, which is reflected in our monthly SEO Reports.

Moving into 2021, search engine optimisation is about a great user experience and understanding what people mean, when they subit a query into Google. In other words, Search Intent. Google has been working hard over recent years in developing their algorithms to understand what exactly a user wants to see, when they submit a search query.

What a user types and what they mean, can be completely different things. SEO today is about putting yourself in the position of the  Google user to better understand what information a user wants, and how they might search for it.

We look at each website individually to develop a tailored strategy, based on your industry and website. Although we use the same 6 phases to rank a website higher on Google, the work required within each phase varies between websites.

In 2021, Google will still be looking at improving user experience, with the addition of additional Core Web Vitals metrics to their agorithms. These metrics are able to determine usability much more accurately including measurements for the time to load a page fully, and how stable the page loading and layout is.

These new ranking factors, plus many other fundamental SEO practices can be found in our SEO Checklist for 2021


Why Choose Studio 36 Digital?

affordable seo specialists


Studio 36 Digital are SEO Specialists. Our low cost SEO Services offer amazing value, and REAL results! We are experts in what we do, and customer service is our number one priority. We offer our affordable services right across the UK.

SEO Services customer support


Studio 36 Digital are proud to offer customer support to our clients, 7 days a week! Give us a call, drop us an email, or login to our customer portal with any questions or issues you may need help with. 

What our clients say about our Digital Marketing Services

We are dedicated to providing an honest, transparent and affordable service. See our recent feedback from our customers.

Amelia Duxbury
Amelia Duxbury
100% would recommend. Andy created exactly what I was hoping for with the brief I gave and is very easy to communicate with if I have any ongoing updates/queries with my site now. Very happy with the end product and service provided!
Taybridge Associates
Taybridge Associates
Andy, Is very patient and listens well to your requirements
David T
David T
Fantastic service, well priced and explained fully in terms I can understand! Highly recommended.
Darryn Reeves
Darryn Reeves
Great service on website and seo services 👍🏼
Jennifer Witts
Jennifer Witts
Andrew created a website for our small business in hospitality. He did an excellent job, we got exactly what we asked for. He was pleasant and easy to communicate with. Would definitely recommend using his services. Jennifer Ingleton, North Yorkshire


Our Other Services

See our other core digital marketing services:

specialist seo agency

Specialist SEO

We offer affordable packages in specialist areas of SEO including: Local SEO, Automotive SEO & Ecommerce SEO.

low cost website design

Website Design

We offer low cost Web Design packages and e-commerce websites for businesses across the UK. All websites are fully responsive and mobile friendly.

affordable wordpress hosting

WordPress Hosting

Affordable WordPress Website Hosting in the UK. Low cost packages and UK servers for optimum performance. We offer FREE website migration.

SEO Services FAQs

What is SEO?

The definition of SEO or Search Engine Optimisation is the process of adapting your website to better rank on major search engines, including Google.

Website SEO can be tricky in 2020 and beyond, as the internet is hugely crowded and busy. Google has literally billions of websites in its index. Getting your business noticed online as a new or small business can be extremely challenging.

Through extensive experience, training and research, we are proud to offer our expert cheap SEO services at a low cost to you. Making ranking your business high on Google affordable. These include best practices for optimising websites, content and link building.

We offer amazing value, low cost SEO packages for your business.

How long does SEO take?

It’s a common question. Obviously you want results for your business online in as little time as possible. It all depends on the business goals, the current website status, your competition and which key words or phrases you want to rank for.

A search engine optimisation expert will work with you to put together an SEO Strategy and provide affordable plans focused on how we can achieve the goals for your business online.

Generally for an average website, 6 months is a reasonable amount of time to allow, to start seeing results. It does however depend greatly on the keywords, backlinks and the amount of competition for search phrases.

What does SEO cost?

SEO in 2020 is a specialist skill, and a lot of time if required to analyse data and put together a  strategy for a website. But, what does SEO Cost? Prices can vary online from £100 to £1000+ per month depending on the website, competition and specific services required. However, our cheap SEO services start from just £79 per month.


Does Google offer SEO?

No, Google is impartial as far as its organic listings go. They offer no way of paying for an increase in these listings. Google only offer paid adverts as a means of getting your business seen, which are shown separately to organic listings.

Affordable SEO Services

Our business is built around providing affordable SEO services, to rank your business website higher in the Google organic search results. We understand that small businesses don’t necessarily have the budget to compete with their larger rivals. For this reason, we have developed affordable seo plans to boost your business presence online. Our work is covered by our SEO guarantee for your piece of mind.

Our affordable SEO agency has been helping businesses since 2014. The results and customer feedback show our dedication to our quality yet cheap SEO services. We’re always happy to provide you with optimisation tips, just ask!

Monthly SEO Packages

At Studio 36 Digital, we are proud to offer some of the lowest cost SEO packages across the UK. Whilst our prices are low, we still guarantee real results. Our SEO packages are designed to enable small or startup business to boost their digital marketing to assist with lead generation. Our SEO plans are straightforward. We target keywords or key phrases that you want to rank for. Each plan is based on the amount of different words or phrases you want to rank for. Furthermore, we use keyword research to advise the best words or phrases to target based on search volume and competition.

Local SEO Services

Studio 36 Digital offer cheap local SEO services to boost your business in your local area. A big part of local SEO is your Google My Business listing, which we optimise and teach you to update as part of our services. Local search is focused on established, reputable businesses. With our help, you can boost your business in local search results.

Can you do SEO for free?

Yes, Website SEO services can be done for free if you have the time to invest in learning and keeping up to date with best optimisation practices.

Search engine algorithms are constantly changing and evolving, plus there’s a lot of time involved in keyword research, competitor research and website analysis.

For this reason, many businesses choose to use the experience of a reputable, affordable SEO agency.